20160714 Thu 8×2’TR

Today was scheduled for an 8×2’x2’TR workout. Going back to June of 2012 (6 records), I’ve averaged 1:48.8, 28.6 spm, 4412m, 9.5 spi on this one:

   date | avg pace | spm | distance | spi

06/14/2012 1:49.2 27.0 4396 9.95
07/11/2013 1:48.9 28.3 4404 9.59
04/03/2014 1:48.5 27.3 4423 10.04
08/21/2014 1:47.3 29.3 4473 9.67
01/29/2015 1:48.8 28.9 4411 9.40
07/16/2015 1:49.3 29.5 4391 9.09
01/21/2016 1:49.5 29.8 4385 8.95
Today 1:49.0 30.9 4404 8.75
My confidence was fairly low so I set a target of “less than 1:50”. IOW, I would have been happy with 1:49.9. In the warmup and first piece, confidence improved and I figured I could sustain a cruise speed of 1:50-1:51 which, after working off a six stroke start, should give me a few tenths under 1:50 and so it did. By and large, it felt reasonably good in that I was able to sustain good technique and my legs, though tired, managed to produce a bit of a sprint on the last one. See table below.
As I’ve mentioned before, I have, in my old age, evolved to using an “easier” stroke to accomplish the desired outcome. This means lower SPI, i.e. “trading rate for pace”. I try to fight this and return to the SPI of my younger days but it doesn’t seem to be happening. Maybe I’m kidding myself but I think I’m OK with this approach as long as I don’t get carried away, i.e. limit rates to that which are reasonable for the OTW equivalent of the workout.

This workout closely resembles the classic 8x500m which is a good predictor of 2K performance. As you can see in the table below, pieces average a bit over 550m. So, can I expect to be able to do a 7:20 2K? I feel like I could go faster but maybe I’m being optimistic.

Workout Summary - media/20160714-175403-RP071416-1mo.csv

Workout Details

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